Sukellustoiminta Ojamon kaivoslammella

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We need to preserve this site for the future, furthermore management of this site will ensure it remains as important as it is now.

Stuart Skene (Durban, 26.11.2021)


I am a Cavediver, and this is a spesial place for Cave Divers.

Heidemarie Nordahl (Båtstø, 26.11.2021)


I'm a cave diver, diving everywhere in the world and i'd love to come to Finland to dive Ojamo mine

Yann Thomasson (Mandelieu, 26.11.2021)


Ojamo auki kaikille tasapuolisesti

Jani Santala (Skonseng, 26.11.2021)


This is one of the best examples of mine diving in Europe. Under control of a diving federation it can be manage safely for the benefit of everyone.

Michael Thomas (Farnham, 26.11.2021)


I am signing because Ojamo has to be handle again with proper rules and this actual situation has to change once for all for the good of all divers

Fabrizio Tosoni (Bunde, 26.11.2021)


I’m signing this a cave diver who loves to travel, Finland is on the list. This site represents such a valuable asset to Finland, local divers, the local community and to cave divers internationally.

Rob Franklin (Rowberrow , 26.11.2021)


This I'd a dive site that will bring me to Finland from the UK, and one of national importance in historical mine terms. An NGB managing it rather than a private company increases transparency and safety where needed.

Richard Harpin (Ossett, 26.11.2021)


Ojamo yhteiskäyttöön tasapuolisesti kaikille!

Jorma Partanen (Joensuu, 26.11.2021)


I'm signing because I would love the opportunity to dive there at some point in my life.

Jason Behm (Ottawa, 26.11.2021)


I am part of The cave diving community and really proud of how we care the environment and how we supporting also the local community so my petition is like please keep open ojamo mine a treasure of your country deserve all the world can experience it once in life almost

Xavier Mendiolagaray (Moalboal, 26.11.2021)


I want the opportunity to dive this incredible site once I have developed the skillset to safely do so.

Taylor Ledoux (Vancouver, 26.11.2021)


Ojamo mine was my favorite dive trip of my entire life. I have been all over the world diving and no where else compares to Ojamo. Please keep access to this incredible site open.

Michael Thornton (Highland, 26.11.2021)


These sites need to be preserved and will attract tourism to the local area

Colin Melhuish (Mitcham, 26.11.2021)


I am a certified cave diver and plan to dive this exceptional site.

Tasos Avgoustidis (Nottingham, 26.11.2021)


Kyllä se nyt niin on, että toimija pitää pistää vaihtoon, ei ikinä tule olemaan uskottavuutta sillä taholla.

Pertti Pulkkinen (Vantaa, 26.11.2021)


Ojamon kaivos on erittäin tärkeä kohde sukellusharrastajien parissa.

Antero Joki (München, 26.11.2021)


Ojamo mine is a significant portion of cultural heritage for the region as a museum of Industrial Archeolgy and attracts a significant number of international visitors that utilise the tourism infrastructure of the region.

Phillip Short (Devizes , 26.11.2021)


Sukeltajat ovat kilttejä ja kivoja

Juhana Seppänen (Helsinki, 26.11.2021)


It's a iconic site that is high on my list of sites I want to experience

Charlie Reid-Henry (Blandford Forum, 26.11.2021)


Cave diving opportunities are small in the European continent , so let's share what we have to cave divers from around the world.

Alain Goemaere (TIELT, 26.11.2021)


Diving in mine is important from a cultural point of view

Francesco Tiboni (BRESCIA, 26.11.2021)


Sukeltanut Ojamolla vuodesta 2006 n.500 sukellusta.

Saija Helminen (Helsinki, 26.11.2021)


We love cave and mine diving. Safe diving starts with proper education!

Ben Bos (Skanderborg, 26.11.2021)


Toivon että Ojamolla sukeltaminen piakoin olisi mahdollista kaikille avoimesti, tietenkin jokaisen oman koulutuksen/luokituksen sekä kokemuksen mukaan. En pelkästään puhu itseni puolesta vaan myös kotimaan sekä ulkomaiden ystävien puolesta.

Osku Grönberg (Helsinki, 26.11.2021)


just for the passion of these places
for the magic they provide and their forgotten history ...

Jean Marie Goffin (Havelange , 26.11.2021)


I love Mine diving

Adam Wood (Nottingham, 26.11.2021)


I'm a PADI diver and I know it's one expectional place.

Jürgen Mõttus (Tallinn, 26.11.2021)


I believe that Ojamo needs to be preserved and made into a very unique dive centre, one of a kind in Northern Europe and I would love to visit it once certified enough. There are no other sites like this. More diversity for tourist and divers is welcomed.

Andero Sepp (Tartu, 26.11.2021)


This is an invaluable resource for divers across Europe and beyond. The group of divers trying to maintain access have a well thought out strategy with the support of leading instructors and agencies throughout the diving community.

Mark Powell (Lydney, 26.11.2021)