Sukellustoiminta Ojamon kaivoslammella

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Ojamo has a great meaning to our community and equal and fair rules would benefit city and it's businesses.
We want to open the Ojamo to all divers as it was before.

Dimitris Papakonstantis (Aberdeen, 26.11.2021)


Toivonn avointa toimintaa aiemman nurkkakuntaisen ja henkilöityneen/polarisoituneen tilanteen sijaan.

Pekka Huhta (Helsinki, 26.11.2021)


I feel that this is an exceptional diving site in Finland of world class status that should be maintained and open.

Paul Mackrill (Lans en Vercors , 26.11.2021)


I want to dive at ojamo mine in the future!

Patrick Moortgat (Werchter, 26.11.2021)


It needs to be organised and controlled

Steve Mills (Newcastle upon Tyne, 26.11.2021)


Olen sukeltaja, mökki Sammatin kylässä Lohjalla.

Rami AUBOURG (Sammatti, 26.11.2021)


I want to dove Ojamo one day. It’s a dream

Perry Brandes (Vero Beach, 26.11.2021)


I always wanted to have a opportunity to dive there and I would like to make it happen one day !

Sądowski Marcin (Fyllingsdalen , 26.11.2021)


The mine is unique

Per Normark (Eskilstuna , 26.11.2021)


I want Ojamo available for all certified cave and mine divers

Trond Einar Solberg (Trondheim, 26.11.2021)


Bych se tam chtěl podivat.

Michael Lajczyk (Praha, 26.11.2021)


I'd love to dive there one day!

Andrea Pfaff (Hamburg, 26.11.2021)


I’m a cavediver

Max Rieff (Lemmer, 26.11.2021)


Diving should be open to everyone

Linda Williams (Swindon, 26.11.2021)


I wnt to support the efforts and will hopefully be able to dive there in the future

Thomas Feiden (Landkern, 26.11.2021)


Tekniikkasukeltajien yhteisö on Suomessa iso ja aktiivinen ja Ojamo on ollut kaikille tärkeä paikka voida ympäri vuoden sukeltaa ja ylläpitää sukellustaitojaan. Ojamon nykytilanne tarkoittaa useimmille sitä, että ei ole helppoa ja turvallista paikkaa harrastaa ja ylläpitää näitä taitoja.
Sukeltajaliitto olisi paras ajateltavissa oleva taho hoitaa ja edistää toimintaa läpinäkyvästi.

Sam Stäuber (Helsinki, 26.11.2021)


Ojamo is a worldclass diving destination. And if developed correctly, the destination would attract diving tourists from all over the world.

Fredrik Christiansson (Norrtälje, 26.11.2021)


I am a cave mine diver

Jo Knutsel (Hasselt, 26.11.2021)


I am one of many international divers keen to dive in Finland. Ojamo Mine is a world-renowned location I would like to be able to dive.

Andrew Hunter (Adelaide, 26.11.2021)


It is a great location

stephen Mcelhone (Cookstown , 26.11.2021)


I've heard of this mine for a long time, it looks beautiful. To come dive would be a highlight of my diving career, and certainly worth the traveling.

Mark Faas (Red Deer, 26.11.2021)


I’m a swedish technial diver, and i believe it is an imperative to keep a national treasure like this place open to the public.

Jakob Sandberg (Göteborg, 26.11.2021)


I'm a keen mine and cave diver and Think this resource should stay open.

Andrew Rice (Stroud , 26.11.2021)


I have yet to dive the mine and it would be a shame if I am not able to!

Robert Mach (Vienna, 26.11.2021)


I want to dive there!

Tavo PC (Playa del Carmen , 26.11.2021)


I m Diver

David Haderka (Prague, 26.11.2021)


Ojamo is needed for more than divers.

Henrik Malm (Slite, 26.11.2021)


Mine diving is awesome! (And great for tourism)

Andrew Johnston (Winter Park, 26.11.2021)


I am a certified SCUBA diver and I support technical diving 🤙

Marvin Miller (Wildomar, 26.11.2021)


Technical divers form a responsible community with strong moral values. There is virtually no risk in them damaging the environment, while allowing them to use the locality will result in documentary materials available to everyone.

Simon Jensovsky (Prague, 27.11.2021)


This is my ultimate dive destination.

Gary Mao (killeen, 27.11.2021)


I live in Seattle, USA but have travelled to Sweden and Norway to scuba dive in the past. I would almost certainly travel to Ojamo (covid permitting) if it were open to the public.

Richard Jack (Seattle, 27.11.2021)


Cave and mine diving encourages preservation of historical places and conservation of water resources in our lands. Additionally, Finland has incredible tourist attractions, and this mine brings in respectful, motivated visitors to share your history and heritage with.

David Green (Belleville, 27.11.2021)


Muistetaanhan myös huomioida vapaasukeltajia!

Casimir Berner (Helsinki, 27.11.2021)


It’s a divesite that I still want to dive in my life time !!

Benny Ketelslegers (Tokyo, 27.11.2021)


Im technical diver and photographer 📸
Ojamo mine is one the best place for diving in the Erth.😊👍

Grzegorz Bialas (Scharendijke, 27.11.2021)