Sukellustoiminta Ojamon kaivoslammella

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I would like to dive that site one day

Daniel Rubin (Playa del Carmen, 27.11.2021)


Im signature because i want dive there

Marcin Krawczyk (Chełmek , 27.11.2021)


It serve diving community and its helping the local community as well by bringing in divers who then spend their mony which goes to local economy

Piotr Mikołajczyk (New Ross, 27.11.2021)


I wish to dive here and think it should be open to the public

Brett Thorpe (Huddersfield, 27.11.2021)


I want Ojamo diving to be fair and management to be decent and open to scrutiny.

Jaakko Virkkala (Helsinki, 27.11.2021)


This is extremely important to myself and the diving community

Tyler Eastgate (Hubert, 27.11.2021)


I want people to be able to enjoy Ojamo

Mauro Bordignon (Puerto Aventuras, 28.11.2021)


It's a real tresure for diving industry ...

irimies cristian (Cluj-napoca, 28.11.2021)


I like to give people and myself as much options to enjoy diving as I can

Miodrag Adamovic (Bosanska Krupa, 28.11.2021)


It’s of great value to divers and your heritage. I know many people who would love to come over to visit and dive the mine.

Garry Dallas (Standish, 28.11.2021)


I would like to come and visit and dive the mine as part of a holiday with my family

ROSS PHILLIP (Portsmouth, 28.11.2021)


Open this beautiful place for divers.... please

Tomasz Oleczek (Warsaw , 28.11.2021)


Such places of great beauty shall be open for all who are qualified and skilled enough to admire. I wish I will come to this site in the future.

Bartosz Słaboń (Modlnica, 28.11.2021)


So long as there are rules and regulations, every cave/mine diver has the right to enjoy Ojamo.

Chase Kaplan (Johannesburg, 28.11.2021)


I have a big passion for diving

Florian Symoens (Gent, 28.11.2021)


Täysin uniikki sukelluskohde pitäisi olla avoinna kaikille ilman syrjintää!

Kristian Antila (Espoo, 28.11.2021)


Ojamo mine is a special place to dive. A formal arrangement to dive the mine would undoubtedly benefit the local economy and divers alike.

Andrew Last (Brackley, 28.11.2021)


Because I really want to visit this place in the future. It looks really qwesome

Caroline Massie (Betekom, 28.11.2021)


I am a cave diver planning one day visit this place one day. there is very few places like this sodivers community should care about it and make it available to all qualified divers,

Maciej Krych (Krakow , 28.11.2021)


I want this site to be preserved responsibly, for current and future generations of divers.

Jeff Peterson (Washington, DC, 28.11.2021)


I`m signing because i would like to go diving in Ojamo mine.

Harald Löffler (Rottenburg, 28.11.2021)


Ojamo is a treasure for us divers.

Vishwanath Rajan (Pune, 28.11.2021)


I think it's a great place to dive

Maciej Sworzynski (Stara Iwiczna, 28.11.2021)


The diving of Ojamo Mine is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. The ability to explore this mine is something that I look forward to in the future and continue to develop my skills for this diving.

Tupps Matthew (Ypsilanti, 29.11.2021)


I'm cave diver.

Beida Konstantin (Moscow, 29.11.2021)


im signing because i love diving in Ojamo mine. This dive site has been voted one of top 5 mine diving sites in europe, its an unique place.

Petter Moge (Ljungsbro, 29.11.2021)


This is not only a safe and popular activity with the proper gear and training but also a huge tourism attraction for technical diving enthusiasts that is similar to Mexico's world famous cenotes and as such should continue.

Phillip Lehman (Cabarete, 29.11.2021)


Kyllä harmittaa nykytilanne tuoreena sukeltajana. Pääsin ennen sulun alkua pari kertaa sukeltamaan Ojamolla ja sukelluskohde on mahtava. Toivoisin, että kaikilla sukeltajilla olisi yhtäläinen mahdollisuus päästä sinne sukeltamaan.

Jari Kuosmanen (Espoo, 29.11.2021)


Ojamo on todella tärkeä kohde aktiiviharrastajille jollaista toista ei suomessa ole.

Susan Wallenius (Hämeenlinna, 29.11.2021)


Hieno paikka kerhojenkin koulutuksille.

Esa Semeri (Vantaa, 29.11.2021)


I'm signing because opportunities to experience a dive of this caliber is rare for trained scuba divers anywhere in the world.

Stephen May (Alva, 29.11.2021)