KulturSápmin tukilausunto Fosenille ja tukipyyntö kaikille kulttuurialan kollegoillemme!

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Maja Kristine Jåma (Fosen, 11.10.2023)


Having Norwegian ancestors, I feel a kinship and want to support Sámi culture and preservation of traditional heritage — stop colonization — and plan to come to Sápmi to listen and learn.

Doug Grandt (Putney , 11.10.2023)


I am Sámi and I support the fight for our people’s right to cultural practice, land, and water. I, and my company Ulv & Ugle, stand with the Fosen Sámi and request the Nordic authorities to respect the Sámi people’s human rights.

Camilla Therese Karlsen (Oteren, 11.10.2023)


In support and deep respect for sami land, people, culture and sovereignty. Norwegian government you must retreat and obey. This is actually super embarrassing.

Alexander Rishaug, sound artist and researcher

Alexander Rishaug (Oslo, 11.10.2023)


Wind farms and heavy industry sites being built on Sápmi land is tantamount to 21st Century Colonialism. It has to stop immediately.

Cultural outreach is a fundamental part of this and needs to be properly supported to make Sami voices heard.

Skylar Aurora Longridge (Stockholm , 11.10.2023)


As a duojár/sámi crafter I stand with the rest of my people. I am from Girjas and know that together we need to stand upp. For Fovsen Njaarke and whole Sápmi. ČSV!

Anna-Stina Svakko (Porjus, 11.10.2023)


This is important for all of us, for the future. Please sign!

Rawdna Carita Eira (Guovdageaidnu, 11.10.2023)


For grunnleggende menneskerettigheter, og vår rett til land og vann for å sikre grunnlaget for vår kulturutøvelse.

Jenny Fjellheim (Røros, 11.10.2023)


Jeg støtter kampen for samiske rettigheter og for kampen mot menneskerettighetsbrudden som pågår. Tilliten til rettsstaten er brutt og det er meget alvorlig og må rettes opp.

Susanne Lyngman (Snåsa, 11.10.2023)


I stand with my Sámi siblings.
The human rights violations against our people needs to end now!
Katarina Barruk - Artist and Composer

Katarina Barruk (Gajhrege , 11.10.2023)


I support the fight for our people's right to cultural practice, land and water.

Ellen Berit Dalbakk (Rámavuollie, 11.10.2023)


Vi kan ikke tolerere at staten ignorerer menneskerettighetsbrudd. Riv vindmøllene på Fosen.

Per Anders Store (Kirkenes, 11.10.2023)


Because i support Sami struggle for human rights and respect for the Sámi peoples land

Karolina Caicedo (Berlin, 11.10.2023)


I see and fully support the work being done to protect cultural heritage, indiginous ways of life, nature and human rights by KulturSápmi and other Sámi activists.
The state violations need to end.

Hope and fighting spirit from a fellow cultural worker/artist.

Jo Mikkel Huse (Oslo, 11.10.2023)


I support KulturSápmi, my friends, colleagues in Sápmi and other Sámi activists for the fight for their people’s right to cultural practice, land, and water. Take down the wind farms at Fåvsen. Baajh vaeride årrodh!

Anna Leijonhielm - Filmmaker

Anna Leijonhielm (Fjellstrand, 11.10.2023)


I’m signing because the human rights should be respected by the government and the damage should be repaired.

Paul Bendikk Jåma (Levanger, 11.10.2023)


We Are one people in four countrys, We Are Saemien, and We stand together for ours right 💪🏻

Charlotta Gaebpien-Njaita (Trofors, 11.10.2023)


Saamelaisten maa saamelaisille!

Teuvo Päiviö (Kirkkonummi , 11.10.2023)


Jeg vil støtte for å vise solidaritet i kampen for menneskerettigheter, rettssikkerhet og respekt for samenes land- og sjøområder.

Ante Guttormsen (MAZE, 11.10.2023)


Its the right thing to do

Michael Löfdahl (Hassela, 11.10.2023)


The ongoing human right violation has to end. I stand with my sámi siblings, and our fight for cultural practice and land

Kristoffer Karjalainen (Alta, 11.10.2023)


I sign to show solidarity with the Sámi people whose rights should be the same as other those of other Norwegians.

Bergsveinn Birgisson (Drangsnes, 11.10.2023)


I support KulturSapmi

Tungutaq Larsen (Nuuk, 11.10.2023)


I support the Fosen Sámi against the ongoing colonialism of the Norwegian government.

Peter Meanwell (Bergen, 11.10.2023)


There's an ongoing human rights violation in my native country. Language and culture is threatened by the windmills and the government refuse to take action. Baajh Vaeride Årrodh! ČSV!

Alexandra Hellesnes Revold (Kristiansand, 11.10.2023)


I don't want to live in a democratic state where human rights are being violated by the.

Arnljot Nordvik (Oslo, 11.10.2023)



Nils Arild Eira (Kautokeino, 11.10.2023)


I support, because we want our land back. Stop green colonialism✊🏼

Ingá Márjá Sarre (Guovdageaidnu, 11.10.2023)



Tuula-Maija Magga-Hetta (Vuotso, 11.10.2023)


My ancestors and distant current family are Sami. I believe in the sovereignty of the Sami people and support the cause of maintaining and preserving the traditional lands and way of life that have been nourished by the existence of the Sapmi for countless generations. The destruction and development of the Sapmi equals nothing less than genocide.

Adam Lodestone (Burlington, 11.10.2023)


I suport it.

Haakon Issk Vars (Ksutokeino, 11.10.2023)


I sign in solidarity to båatsoe, to landscape, to the wild living animals, to people, to ancestors, to whom we can see and whom we can´t see, to the young ones and to them that is not given birth, to Saepmie forever

Unni Fjellheim (BREKKEBYGD, 11.10.2023)


The violation of Sámi rights must come to an end

Frode Henriksen (Olmmáivággi, 11.10.2023)


Jeg signerer fordi jeg er i mot dent pågående menneskerettighetsbruddet.

Jorunn Eikjok (Deatnu/TANA, 11.10.2023)


As a mother of a young Sámi reindeerherder I say no to green colonialism in Sápmi.

Eeva-Kristiina Nylander (Inari, 11.10.2023)



Juho-Sire Siri Broch Johansen (Deatnu, 11.10.2023)


I pleed to stop the violation of human - and indigenous rights and hope that the Norwegian State and Goverment will take to their senses and take the Highest courts decision seriously with its consguenses by giving the Land Back to the Sami in Fosen.

Anitta Katriina Suikkari (KAUTOKEINO, 11.10.2023)


Full støtte!

Einar Selvik (Gressvik , 11.10.2023)


Human rights are for Indigenous peoples, too.

Susanne Hætta (Vadsø, 11.10.2023)


Danin go min eana ii gierdda šat ii ovttage billisteame.

Kirste Paltto (Utsjoki, 11.10.2023)


The government has gone to far with violating human rights, thinking they can negotiate themselves out of it after getting ruled in the highest court - and still are breaking the law.

Emil Ráste Karlsen (Čávkkus , 11.10.2023)


Human rights cannot be suppressed any longer.

Kerstin Eikel (Maassluis, 11.10.2023)


Kunnioittakaa saamelaisten ihmisoikeuksia!

Marjo-Riitta Mattus (Ivalo, 11.10.2023)


because I am a Sami and live with a wounded soul due to the constant violation of our human rights by the superior powers.

Marianne Siri (Kautokeino, 11.10.2023)


Full support and respect for Sámi rights

Chris Claus (Billings, 11.10.2023)



Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapää (Kautokeino, 11.10.2023)


I fully support the petition.

Áilu Valle (Anár, 11.10.2023)


Human rights for Sapmi!

Deantha Edmunds-Ramsay (St. John's , 11.10.2023)


As a reindeer herder myself this is something close to my heart

Martina Fjällberg (Umeå, 11.10.2023)


Støtter aksjonen

Jorunn Løkvold (Samuelsberg, 11.10.2023)


I am sami,I am nature.

Arnhild Haagensen (Oslo, 11.10.2023)


The Norwegian Government has to take action now and face the consequences of the human rights violation at Fosen

Fredrik Forssman (Tromsø, 11.10.2023)


Samiske rettigheter må løftes høyere opp på agendaen i Norge, og de andre skandinaviske landene. Nå! Baajh vaeride årrodh!

Kjellrun Kleven (Levanger, 11.10.2023)


Staten bryter loven!!

Ole Thomas Nilut (Kautokeino , 11.10.2023)


the rights of de sami culture and the people

JANSSENS LUC (Westerlo, 12.10.2023)


I support the SAAMI!!!

Kristin Bien (Bourbonnais, 12.10.2023)


I was a student at Upsala about 20 years ago and took a trip to Kiruna. It was there I visited the Sami Cultural Museum and got to learn about the Sami people. It struck me how very similar their story is to the Native peoples of the Americas, especially in how they were mistreated, children taken from them, forced to not learn their own culture and ways, and now they are trying to be seen and heard for who they are. As I stand for the Native people of the Americas, I also stand for the Sami.

Robert Pitts Jr (Eureka, 12.10.2023)


Its important

Mei Szetu (Oslo, 12.10.2023)


Er opprørt over myndighetenes overtramp. Nok er nok.

Stina Fagertun (Tromsø, 12.10.2023)


Because we want the Norwegian state to act on the verdict

Øystein Heitmann (Tromsø, 12.10.2023)


I support Hætta and all the activists in the fight for human rights.

Dag-Mathis Hoff (Oslo, 12.10.2023)


Jeg støtter kampen mot bruddet på menneskerettighetene utført av den norske stat.

Dag Tønjum (Modum , 12.10.2023)


I want to show my support for all Sámi who are fighting for our culture to survive. Our culture does not survive without our surrounding nature.

Anna Morottaja (Inari, 12.10.2023)


I strongly oppose the fake Green new deal by the climate change industry, wich intens to depopulate the planet, starve out ppl, kill all eatable animals, ruin farmlands, like grazing lands for reindeer , demanding that we all eat parasitick bugs, I condemn the fake new green deal industry, corrupt politicians, selling out OUR land,and not respecting any laws any longer, due to their greed and money hunger, more, all to themselfes, and nothing to the people of the lands, nothing to the indiginuos people, I strongly opose their exstinction agenda ( Agenda 2030 ) of all others than the elite , who is running this, thinking that we dont know, but we know it all and strongly condem this cruel, foolish thinking and acting

Mary Ailonieida Sombán Mari (Sirbmá, 12.10.2023)


I want to stop the violation of the Sami people

Anna Jakobsson (Hägersten, 12.10.2023)


I stand for Sami people's and Sampi and what is happening is wrong and not lawful and inhumane

Amy Andrews (Cape Town , 12.10.2023)


I want the land back for Sami people in Fosen, and to see that laws apply for both Norwegian and Sami people in Norway.

Åse Ava Lange Fredheim (Oslo, 12.10.2023)


The local community should be in charge of their own lives, destiny and country

Garry Earl-Spurr (Perth, 12.10.2023)


The government is ignoring the Supreme Court judgement on the case and not respecting the promise made to Sámi protesters in the first round of protests in Oslo last spring

Katya Garcia-Anton (Tromsø, 12.10.2023)


The Nordic countries could and should set an example for the rest of the world regarding respecting the rights of indigenous people. Instead, we’re failing the Sámi people generation after generation. It is shameful, and we simply must do better.

Pekka Kuusisto (Pernaja, 12.10.2023)


Min eatnamat gáržot ja gáržot, eanet ja eanet gáibidit min viidodagaide beassat, geavahit daid. Eai mis leat šat eatnamat skeŋket sin dárbbuide. Sin gáibádusat eai noga goassege. Danin vuosttildan.

Synnøve Persen (Indre-Billefjord, 12.10.2023)


I am signing because there is an ongoing human rights violation against my people. The government does not comply with a Supreme Court judgment. This can happen to anyone. We must rise up against injustice.

Rita Laakso (Lom, 12.10.2023)


Nature needs to be protected, and the state should always stand for justice. The wrongs in this case are in so many levels.

Elin Kåven (Alta, 12.10.2023)


I request the Nordic authorities to respect the Sáme people’s human rights.

Stig Riemmbe Gaelok (Baclayon, 12.10.2023)


I’m an artist from Bornholm, Denmark, and I fully support Sámi artists and cultural practitioners’ fight for their rights.

Emilie Lorentzen (Haren, 12.10.2023)


ČSV !!!

john utsi (jokkmokkk, 12.10.2023)

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