Kannabis lailliseksi


/ #3207 Grow up!Man made beer,God grow the weed and God we trust.

13.09.2011 15:30

Weed cure for cancer, good for eat, if you dont like smoked.
but for sure is good for you!any how,good is good,
alcohol rise you evil and let you body whit out shield.
i found Finnish peopel are lost and play whit evil things,
we don´t have no faith,we dont wanna belive,we think we Gods.
this is Whole country proplem an we need to deal whit,and focus
our force for real proplems,like criminality againste freedom and humanity.
Rasism is our great proplem,our nation get sick whit war from russian
and now we have sicknes here and we never get cure for it.help god to the Finnish peopel.
we need to get peace for real.

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