Kannabis lailliseksi

Niklas Högnabba

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15.02.2007 12:06

1.Cannabis and hemp are the same. "Marijuana" was the Mexican name given
to cannabis.

2.Cannabis was first cultivated in China around 4000B.C.

3.The original drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on
hemp paper.

4.One acre of hemp will produce as much paper as four acres of trees.

5.Hemp is a source of fiber for cloth and cordage for rope.
The hemp fiber is located inside the long stem of the plant.

6.George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. Washington, our first
president, declared,"Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere."

7.Hemp seed is natures perfect food. The oil from hemp seeds has the highest
percentage of essential fatty acids and the lowest percentage of saturated

8.Sterilized hemp seeds are often sold a bird food.

9.Rolling papers, like Bambu, are made from hemp paper.

10.In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act prohibited the use, sale, and
cultivation of hemp/marijuana in the United States.

11.Five years later, during World War II, the U.S. Department of Agriculture
released the film,"Hemp for Victory," which encouraged American farmers
to grow hemp for the war effort.

12.Hemp is cultivated all over the world. Today, China, Korea,Italy,
Hungary, Russia and France are amoung the countries that grow hemp for
fiber, paper and other products.

13.Cannabis is classified as a schedule 1 drug by the Food and Drug
Administration. Designated as a narcotic, it cannot be prescribed to

14.In 1988, the DEA's own administrative law judge concluded that
"marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active substances
known to man".

15.Cannabis can be used as a medicine to treat nausea, pain and muscle
spasms. It alleviates symptoms of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis,
AIDS, migraines and other debilitating aliments.

16.Thirty-five states have passed legislation permitting medical use of

17.Twelve Americans receive prescribed marijuana from the U.S. government.

18.More than 400,000 Americans are arrested each year on marijuana charges.

19.More than 400,000 Americans die from diseases related to cigarette
smoking each year. More than 150,000 Americans die of alcohol abuse
each year. But in 10,000 years of usage, no one has ever died from

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