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/ #109 FuckDog

29.12.2010 02:49

http://irc-galleria.net/user/_FuckDog_fuckin´bitches!!!!Torstai 29.10.2009 17:06

This is for the people that don't know me
I pour some liquor out for my dead homies and the og's
I pop pills for the fact that I get buzzed
I hear voices in my head, I'm mentally fucked up
Murder kill, Murder god, Murder dirty rat bitches in my back yard
Murder every holy nun cause I'm that hard
Am I Jesus Fucking Christ as super star, Hell nah
The prophesies told me of a dead man
Crucified man with the stakes in his hand and
I don't give a fuck, Raise your hands up
Break some fucking glass up, While the devil stands up, What?, What?
This is over I don't give a fuck shit
Crazy ass lunatic, Popping pills drinking beer, Smoking and sniff
I think my mind is finally gone I took Jesus off his throne
The Ungod is coming home. This is for the mother fuckers
Brain dead mother fuckers and the head hunter
All the Horrorcore wanna be big gunners
Must be sick in the head like the devil done us
My mind is sick like a schizophrenic
I'm in a panic, I can't believe in god cause I'm so satanic
Or not, I can't think cause my mind is fucked up
I think I lost my head in the pussy of a dead slut
I'm in the back room popping these pills for real
Trying to keep my still, Chill's for thrill's to kill
I can't stop this bullets in my pocket's
Put the fucking gun to my head... shit
I can't die cause the gods can't kill me
I got Satan on my side to heal me
My mind is sick
Did I say six, six, six the Ungod


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